Shrödinger's Box Sales!

Current pieces of taxidermy that is available for purchase! Additional photos are available upon request.

Available Pelts

All pelts unless otherwise stated are from my own animals raised and humanely slaughtered on my homestead and tanned by me.

Prices do not include shipping. Shipping varies depending on location.

Coyote Tail - $5
Nice fluffy coyote tail, could be used as a keychain or belt clip. No hardware.

Tail was not tanned by me.

Broken Castor Rex Rabbit Pelt - $35
Gorgeous broken castor Rex rabbit pelt. Super nice fur, nice white leather. Seems to be a home tan, but not sure what method was used so may not be suitable for garments.

Pelt was not tanned by me.

Silver Martin Rabbit Pelt - $30
Really pretty Silver Martin rabbit pelt. Nice thick fur, white leather. Slight oxidation on the back. Also seems to be a home tan but not sure what method used.

Pelt was not tanned by me.

Broken Chinchilla Rabbit Full Pelt - $20
Pretty broken chin rabbit pelt from one of my meat mutts. Unfortunately its leather isn't super soft, but it will display well regardless.

Broken Black Rabbit Full Pelt - $30
Pretty little Hotot mix meat mutt bunny with only a few black spots and eyeliner. Nice soft fur and leather, but there is a little bit of staining due to living with siblings.

Black Otter Mini Rex Pelts - $15/e
Two really beautiful black otter Mini Rex pelts purchased by a friend as culls from a high-end show breeder. These furs are exceptionally soft. Perfect for crafting or display.

Pelts not tanned by me.

White Rabbit Pelt - $15
Nice white rabbit back pelt from my farm. Appears to have been a Himalayan rabbit, as there are a few little gray areas near the legs. Leather is a little thick, but the fur is super soft. Keep it white or dye it, the possibilities are endless!

VM Squirrel Wallhanger - $25
A sibling of the pretty VM tort, this bunny is a squirrel (blue chinchilla.) It has a half-collar and a white blaze on its face. This rabbit has a couple stitched holes on the back that are not visible from the fur side, and extremely soft white leather.

Available Skulls/Skeletons

All bones unless otherwise state are from my own animals and cleaned by me.

Prices do not include shipping. Shipping varies depending on location.

Wild Hog Skull - $150
Beautiful wild hog skull hunted by my grandfather in Louisiana as pest control/food and cleaned by me. A smaller hog, but with some interesting staining and two bullet holes in the right-side bottom jaw. Has all its teeth!

Pathologic Coyote Skull - $35
Really cool little guy! Not a particularly big coyote but it had a pretty gnarly tooth infection on the right bottom side of the jaw that left a sizable chunk out of the bone and some deformation. Otherwise, has all of its teeth and would look great in a collection!

Skull was not cleaned by me.

Lynx Skull - $90
Very nice Lynx skull. All teeth present, white, well cleaned. Not much more to say.

Skull was not cleaned by me.

Domestic Rabbit Skulls - $15
I always have them! Vary in breed and somewhat in size, but all from my own rabbits raised for meat and fur.

Craft Rabbit Skull - $10
Meat rabbit skull missing the bottom jaw and a couple teeth. Perfect for crafting!

Available Misc Taxidermy

Dried wings, rabbit's feet, and other random non-pelt/skull pieces for sale. Unless otherwise stated all pieces were created by me.

Prices do not include shipping. Shipping varies depending on location.

Domestic Goose Wings - $15
White Chinese goose wings in a folded position from my own geese butchered for food. Some slight staining as the geese are free-range and love dirt baths, and some feather damage on the tips of the wings.

Pigeon Wings - $10/pair
Beautiful dried wings from domestic pigeons purchased at auction by a friend for food and taxidermy! Some of these are larger, smaller, some with wear on the feathers or other cosmetic issues due to birds being living animals. Perfect for display or crafting!

Rabbit's Feet - $3/e
Assorted bunny feets from my herd! Meat feet, Rex feet, any colour feet! Some come in pairs, some are on their own, mix and match as you please! These feet do NOT come with hardware - you just get the foot on its own.

Ball Python Wet Specimen - $250
Beautiful year or so old male Mojave Killer Bee (Mojave, Pastel, Yellowbelly, Spider) Ball Python who once belonged to a friend of mine. Sadly, this boy, like every snake with the spider gene, had a head wobble, and his was so severe he was unable to eat and sadly passed away. He is fixed in formalin and being held in 70% isopropyl alcohol, his beauty preserved until the end of time. Price includes the jar.


If you're interested in any of these pieces, feel free to DM me!